Decase brings you an assortment of distinct natural flavours suited for a wide range of confectionery products.We also offer confectioners robust support in developing new products in the market.

Products Overview

  • Food colour
  • Liquid glucose
  • Citric acidconfectionary sweett2
  • Flavours






Our combination of local and international expertise for designing sweet and savoury products provides customers cutting-edge solutions that beat even the most unique taste challenges. Our range of snacks inputs contribute to superior appearance, taste, texture, shelf life and safety to compliment our customers high quality food products, greatly improving the nutritional value and sensory experience that manufacturers seek.


Potato chips , corn puffs and other savoury snacks.

Products Overview

  • Natural food coloursSNACKS
  • Seasoning flavours
  • Antioxidants





With bakery products that cut across the board, we offer tailor-made solutions that help customers create fresh bread, biscuits and pastry products with a longer shelf-life and greatly improved bakery performance. 

Products Overview

  • Food colours
  • Flavours & other ingredients BAKERY

Decase offers processors of fresh fermented dairy and dessert products a wide range of dairy ingredients suited to their needs.We also offer our expertise in stabilization,taste and texture development,spoilage protection and nutritional enhancement ensuring that our clients products maintain the highest quality in the market.


Yoghurts, lala, cheese, ice-cream, flavoured milk and other products. 

Products Overview

  • Dairy cultures
  • Stabilizers
  • Preservatives
  • Flavours
  • Rennet & other cheese ingredients
  • Food colours
  • Fruit pulp
  • Sweeteners
  • Liquid caramel


With an  impressive collection of flavours & ingredients, we liase with customers to create unique and comprehensive solutions for both carbonated, non-carbonated and ready-to- drink juices.

Products Overview

  • Juice ingredients
  • Stabilizers
  • Food Colours
  • Fruits pulp
  • Sweeteners


Decase provides outstanding collections of alcohol flavours and colours that brings out the real taste and appearance to commercial liquors and spirits.

  • Flavours
  • Food colour


Decase offers complete automation solutions across board for small scale dairies to large cooperatives and commercial dairy plants.Our line of dairly equipment meet the increasing demands for precise and advanced technology that simplifies dairy processes and an increasingly cost-conscious & quality sensitive market.

Product Overview


Rapid milk analyzer with approved, reliable Near-infra technology.



EVEREST Secura Strip

Quick, easy and assured way of detecting adulterants in milk.everest

Milk  Checker N-4L

The Digital Mastitis Detector

It measures the electric conductivity of milk in all the quarter of the under which helps in easily detecting Bovine Mastitis in milk. As a result, corrective measures can be taken well in advance.milk checker

ECO Milk Ultra Pro Milk Analyzer

Fast, more reliable and automated testing solutions which tests milk for Fat,Protein, Solid Not Fat(SNF), Lactose, Solids, Density, Freezing point, Added water, pH, Temperature.

eco milk

Working in close collaboration with our international suppliers, we offer the best expertise to help optimize processes and customers products. With the support of both local and international application experts to help assess processes and troubleshoot, customers can rest assured to benefit from our highly skilled application team.

We can help you;

  • Initiate start up meetings
  • Optimize new product development
  • Select the best ingredients for customer pecific formulations and/or processes (On-sight technical assistance)
  • Troubleshooting, assess and recommend best alternative processes
  • Frequently bring in local and international experts for technical advice
  • Well equipped lab for dairy production trial